The Golden mahseer sport fish par excellence

For those who do not yet know this fish, know that the Golden mahseer is anything but an ordinary fish. India’s most sought-after predatory fish, the golden mahseer became a highly prized fish with the arrival of British fishermen living in India during the 19th century.

The name “mahseer” is a local word meaning “big mouth,” a more than apt label for this giant barbel-like whiskered creature. The Golden mahseer belongs to the carp family. Armored golden scales cover powerful flanks, and prominent fins give it great power, both for maintaining its position in the fastest currents and for reaching incredible speeds in times of danger.

It is recognized for its spectacular golden color and especially for its extreme strength. Its body is sometimes described as the most perfectly designed form of a fish. It can indeed reach an exceptional speed of 40km / h during its rushes, which makes it one of the most sought after sport fish by all fishermen worldwide. The Golden Mahseer are endemic to the rocky himalayan rivers, and also take up migration upstream and downstream every year , thus often being compared to the salmons of America.

The most favorable time for golden mahser is pre monsoon, or the summer months of Himalayas, that is March to June. the Window after the monsoon is very short for a maximum of month , as after that the water temperature gets cold, and they stop feeding . They change their diet to the green matter of river beds . They often say , for Golden Mahseer fight , the rush of blood in the head is some other state of mind .

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