Himalayan Golden Mahseer

The Himalayan Golden Mahseer is often called the river tiger and is known to rank in the top 10 fighting carps of the world. It’s found only in the Himalayan rivers and is listed as an endangered species. Also, it’s known that if any tackle catches one fish, that same tackle will not catch another mahseer which means they have sharp intelligence and communication skills.

Giant Devil Catfish

This prehistoric-looking catfish is one of the tougher specimens to land, as it’s known to be a skulking species hiding in the rock beds and ponds of the Himalayan landscape. Locally also known as the Goonch, it feeds on other small river fish and enjoys a notorious reputation to attack humans on occasions. This fish can weigh anywhere between 10 lbs. to 300 lbs. as a record catch and can measure up to 6 feet in length.

What Travellers Say About Us

We were planning to fish for goonch and mahseer , and got in touch with PANCHESHWAR FISHING, their planning for fishing expidition was just immaculate, their team is the ideal set up in India, in case you are looking for an fishing expidition across India and Himalayas. They are a certainly recommended ”

Palfai Gabor , Hungary

” PANCHESHWAR FISHING is a professional run fishing company, i have been fishing with them for last many years and they have impressed me with all their knowledge and services they provide under one umbrella . camps are great and cosy

Dr Rahul Sharma , New Delhi

” I have been fishing for the mahseer in Himalayas for last 20 odd years . This camp is a home to me . Rupesh and Raj are thorough in their knowledge and their team of guides is just prefect. I am least bothered the moment I land on the airport as all is taken care of by PANCHESHWAR Fishing company ”

Jim Miller , United Kingdom .

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