Fishing Expeditions For International Anglers

Things to know before booking our International calender.

  • We offer only 10 day (SLOT) for fishing with us.
  • 10 days are devoted to only 1 species. ( either HIMALAYAN GOLDEN MAHSEER or GOONCH )
  • We service a maximum of 4 anglers/ spaces only , at anytime . In case you have more than 4 anglers , we will book you in a new or next SLOT
  • In case an angler wishes to fish for both the species, then you need to book 2 slots for 20 days fishing in all .

Inclusions :

  • All travel to and from NEW DELHI ( airport to airport) , all transfers , all train tickets , local transportation if required all meals on the entire trip
  • Unlimited bottled water
  • Professional, passionate and English -speaking fishing guide for all days
  • All critical crew is English speaking one .
  • Fishing gilly
  • All bait fish included
  • Unlimited soft drinks
  • Unlimited tea and coffee
  • 2 man bivvy for night sessions
  • Rueben Heaton weighing scales
  • Landing net and landing mat
  • Deeper sonar for use
  • Water raft on location
  • All accommodation
  • All fishing permits
  • All fishing licenses and government approvals
  • All India taxes
  • All supervision under our guidance and expertise as soon as you land in India, till you take your return flight home .
  • International currency exchange at the camp ( USD to INR )
  • International currency also accepted (USD) , no need to exchange any currency at airports.
  • Wireless network in limited range (WiFi)
    Fishing tackle and gear recommendations
    Himalayan regulations and conditions llist ( things to carry )


  • Personal fishing gear and tackle ( angler has to carry his own )
  • Lures ( option available to buy with us from our recommendations )
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gratuities and Tips to staff
  • Flights on International routes
  • Insurance on travel
  • Currency conversion costs ( to be borne by the angler/ guest ), in case of bespoke itinerary.
  • In case you need to curate bespoke itinerary, above 10 days, or you need to come and film in Himalayas, do write in to us on 

Frequently asked questions

How many anglers ( pax / guest / persons) can book a SLOT ?
Each slot is a period of 10 days package ( fishing days ) . You can book for 1 angler to a maximum of 4 anglers. Cost of 4 anglers is slightly rebated . All this will be mentioned in the proforma invoice stage.
What is included in the all inclusive package price?

All accommodation, food, travel, transport, guides, fishing permits, and other labor payments involved in the trip are included. All inclusive cost .

What is certainly not included in the all inclusive package price?

Expenses of personal nature like alcoholic drinks , gratuities or tips , travel/ trip cancellation insurance or any international air fares and excess baggage.

What are the seasons for the fishing

March to June and September to November are the best months to fish

Which city do i reach ?
All our trips are ex New Delhi or ex Mumbai; both the cities are well connected to international destinations all over the world.
Will there be someone to receive me at the airport?

You are totally under our guidance from the moment you land in India until your departure.

How do i make the payment?
All payments are made in via bank transfers, and in currency ( INR – indian rupees only ) , USD is mentioned only as a indication price .
What about taxes, do I have to pay any extra after I reach india ?

You don’t need to pay anything extra as a separate tax . The cost is all inclusive.

What is the cancellation policy?
All cancellation terms are mentioned at the initial invoicing stage in the proforma invoice.
Is tipping / gratuities included in your costing?

Tipping and gratuities are completely up to the angler/guest / client, and his wish, as such we do not add any service charge to any of our services or any cost in the costing. Usually, tips stand at 10 % of the whole cost to the active staff.

How are the tents ?
They are safari style tents, with en suite washrooms(Only Outfitters in Pancheshwar to have this feature), floor carpets, electric socket, proper beds, lighting, patio, table, chair, communal dining area and the gardens.
How far is the fishing location from the camp ?
The camp is part of the habitat , and you can fish from the camp itself. The famous confluence is just 5 minutes walk . The tents are positioned to overlook this confluence, you can watch all the action of the confluence from the bed itself during rest periods
Do I need to exchange foreign exchange at the airport

Not necessary, as the all inclusive package price, includes all costs of transportation and food costs for on the way travel to the camp. In case you need foreign exchange for personal expense, you can exchange USD at the camp location itself in Pancheshwar.

Can I get my wife along or a non angling friend ?

Yes thats more than welcome, you can pay a nominal extra occupancy, mentioned at the initial invoicing stage .

Can I do drone photography?
Drone amateur photography is not allowed, as its an international border .In case drone photography is required, we can obtain filming permits on an additional cost .
What are the specialist equipment availabile to use ? Do I have to pay extra for that ?
The following is complimentary to use, Landing net , weigh slings, weighing scales (rueben heaton) , landing mat, unhooking pliers, lip gripper, carp chair, 2 man bivvy for river bank sessions, deeper sonar for water criticals. Only the river raft (water float, rubber float) if used, is chargeable on nominal basis.
What is the process after we transfer the money ?
After the money reflects in our bank account , we issue a BOOKING VOUCHER for your trip . Its also the document you need to provide for your visa , if they ask for documentation. Booking Voucher will also be needed to obtain your fishing permits, licenses and government of india permissions, which we will handle it for you .
Does your cost involve international flight tickets as well??


What kind of fishing tackle and lures do i get? what else do i need to carry?

Once you confirm the trip by paying online, we will send you a complete docket about the equipment and things to carry.

What kind of fishing do you offer?
Mahseer can be done on casting / spinning, fly fishing , and bait fishing. Goonch / giant devil catfish can be done on bait fishing only
Is it a family holiday?
Well, we can’t say so, but yes if you want to get along with your family and children is fine, just that these are remote locations far from civilizations and immediate help if and when required may be far away.
How much staff do you have in your camp ?
The camp staff strength is 5 to 7 individuals, at most times during season . Also as the terrain is rocky and surrounded by boulders, you will have support staff to carry your fishing equipment as well .
What happens if my lures run out ?
You can buy the lures , and a limited terminal tackle at the camp at all times .
How far are the fishing locations, once we land at the airport?
Once you land in New Delhi, its a road drive for about 10 to 12 hours to reach the fishing spot.
Are satellite phone's, radios allowed ?
Both the above are not allowed from an international traveller, local walky talky or radios are available at the camp.
Can I share the tent with another angler ?
The tent is ideally sized for a solo angler , as post the fishing tackle and rods, the size is just perfect . So our fishing packages are only SINGLE OCCUPANCY. Else for 2 anglers , it may get a bit claustrophobic.
What kind of safety equipment you have while fishing and at the camp?
While fishing, we have rubber raft, rubber tube , river safety guide , and throw bags all the time . So complete safety is assured .

At the camp a medical kit is always present .

Fire safety aerosols are placed in all the tents and in camp premises as well .

There is a DOCTOR available in a private dispensary just 2 Kms away from the camp location.

Planned Fishing Expeditions (2023 – 2024)

SLOT 1: 9 March to 19 March ( 10 00 hrs check out ) – 4 Spaces (Starting $2500)

SLOT 2: 20 March to 30 March ( 10 00 hrs check out ) – 4 Spaces (Starting $2500)

SLOT 3: 31 March to 10 April ( 10 00 hrs check out ) – 4 Spaces (Starting $2500)

SLOT 4: 11 April to 21 April ( 10 00 hrs check out ) – 4 Spaces (Starting $2500)

SLOT 5: 22 April to 2 May ( 10 00 hrs check out ) – 4 Spaces (Starting $2500)

SLOT 6: 3 May to 13 May ( 10 00 hrs check out) – 4 Spaces (Starting $2500)

SLOT 7: 14 May, ( 13 00 hrs , check in) to 24 May , 2023 ( 10 00 hrs check out ) – 4 Spaces (Starting $2500)

SLOT 8: 25 May ( 13 00 hrs , check in) to 04 June , 2023 ( 10 00 hrs check out ) – 4 Spaces (Starting $2500)

SLOT 9: 05 June ( 13 00 hrs , check in ) to 15 June , 2023 ( 10 00 hrs , check out ) – 4 Spaces (Starting $2500)

SLOT 10: 16 JUNE To 26 JUNE ( 10 00 hrs check out ) – 4 Spaces (Starting $2500)
SLOT 11 : 1 OCT TO 10 OCT, 2023 ( 10 00 hrs, check out) – 4 Spaces ( starting $ 2500 , $1750 )
SLOT 12 : 11 OCT TO 20 OCT 2023 ( 10 00 hrs, check out) – 4 Spaces ( starting $ 2500> $1750 )
To book any of the above , please mail is at

Camp Exterior

Camp Interior

In case you wish to book offline , you may just whatsapp us , and we can help you out with the payment process via direct links.

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