The goonch is easily termed as one of the tough species to fish , as this is such a hard species to understand, for any angler. The habitat of Goonch in Western Himalayas, particularly in Uttarakhand is as picturesque and equally challenging on climatic terms . Often we have noticed windy sand storms lasting for over 45 minutes and completely ransacking our tents in the Goonch habitat. Goonch is usually fished for in the summer months of March April May and June for ideally targeting a trophy size goonch . They are also known to be hooked post monsoon months of October. and November as well .Goonch is often known to go without bites for days. At such instances, we try night fishing for this elusive creature.So whats a trophy size goonch ? In 2008 , Jeremy Wade hooked a 161 pounder , which was bettered by Jakub Wagner to 166 pounder ( current IFGA record ) , in 2009 .
Post that, I have not seen this size on a scale for a long time . Currently a 100 + pounder, should easily make it as a trophy size , as in March 2022 , Dome Gabor hooked a.

104 pounder, followed by Tom Armitage in May 2022 by a 101 pounder . Both of them, in the rivers of Uttarakhand. By far these are the biggest records for goonch in the entire himalayan range in the past few years .
The known river is really narrow and not very big , to make this 100 + pounder , a real fresh water river monster.
The goonch, often known notoriously, has a pseudo name called, man eater , is known to rule this river, often giving a run to crocodiles and ghanyals in the.same habitat, that’s the kind of power it shows off .Once hooked , anglers have often called it a wild raging bull like power creature .We are fishing this fish again this month end , keep a look out on the fish report.
Rupesh Sawant ( field director PANCHESHWAR FISHING)

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