For fishing the Golden Mahseer ( for putitora) in Himalayas, as an angler you must take in consideration, that you are fishing the ice fed rivers of Himalayas. The currents of these rivers ,when seen from a bird eye view, looks slow and manageable, instead when you actually are inside the river , you realize that they are just the opposite. Yes , the currents are fast and and advisable to wear a LIFE JACKET.

Pancheshwar fishing provides you with life jacket always, whenever any of our guest angler are fishing

in our peripherals. Speaking of the famous “The JUNCTION”, that it is known as, in the Mahseer fishing circles worldwide , it should be noted that the other river Saryu ( Saryoo ) which joins the Kali river is a spring fed river . In case an angler is targeting a trophy size mahseer , it will be advisable to keep or ask for a river raft ( rubber boat ) around . There have been instances, where the Mahseer has been hooked and taken downstream, at such situations, the fish can use brutal force and pull an angler inside of the river as well . River Raft or Rubber tube is extremely important while targeting a bigger specimen. Always fish with a guide and gilly , as Mahseer fishing is not for a solo angler. Apart from guiding you , the guides main motive is to look at angler safety first .
In terms of the safety equipment for the fish , always have landing mat , landing net , unhooking pliers and scales ready while fishing. The terrain around rivers in Himalayas is rocky and boulder driven . Also the trails around the rivers is sometimes edgy , so one needs to have a decent level of fitness. We also advise to keep an additional pair of spare shoes , particularly if you are targeting a 10 day fishing period . Being alert to river conditions all the time will help , as the levels and the color of the river keeps changing every few hours. On occasions during summer you will experience burst of sand storms lasting from 15 minutes to 1 hour in summer months as well. The most unpredictable periods of the year or day are when some of the best fishing occurs . Its always The most unpredictable periods of the year or day are when some of the best fishing occurs . Its always a good idea to have safety supplies on hand , including visible and audible signs, maps, smart phone or any SOS devices . happy fishing and tight lines .
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