Fishing Expeditions For Indian Guest

What are the Activities at the Camp

  • Angling or fishing take lessons in the angling sport.
  • White water rafting , 5 kms or longer
  • Breakfast at the river confluence
  • Birdwatching
  • Mild walking trails
  • Private beach
  • Indoor / board games
  • Cross the Nepal border
  • Beach volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Target boards

  • Visit JUDAH pool
  • Drive to Mayawati ashram
  • Baleshwar ancient temple complex
  • Village walks
  • Pancheshwar ancient temple across the bridge
  • Ancient fort Visit
  • Yoga by the river
  • Barbeque
  • Bonfire
  • River crossing

Frequently asked questions

How big is the tent ?

It has a living area of 12′ x 10′ En suite,
Washroom , area of 12′ × 6′
Sit out area of 12’x 5′
About 300 sq feet of usable area per tent

What s a good time to visit ? Can I visit your camp , even if I do not know angling / fishing ?

Yes of course, September onwards to March is good , we will be happy to share our fishing knowledge, or you can just chill at the marvelous location, and involve in other activities.
April May and June are warmer months , but good for fishing.
July , August and September we are closed for monsoon rains.

Can I carry food from outside ?
No, outside food, beverages, eatables are not allowed in the camps.
What are the check in and check out timings ?

Check in 13 00 hrs
Check out 10 00 hrs

Is the property senior citizen friendly ?
the road leading to the property is a about 100 meters uphill, apart from this there s no climb or ascend as such . We will advise senior citizens to be under supervision, all the time .
Can I learn fishing ?
Yes with a fishing guide from our team and if the season permits. You can also take a fishing lesson. We will also need to obtain fishing permits. Only then we can fish.
What about the fishing equipment? Do I have to buy a new one for learning ?
You can use our in house fishing equipment for a nominal price and you can also buy from our souvenir shop.
What are the cancellation policies ?
48 hrs and less: no refund
72 hrs or less: 50 % refund or shift of date voucher.

More than 72 hours: entire refund or shift of date voucher.

Is there a la carte option availabile ?
A la carte option is also available . But do note on limited menu and as per availability of provisions.
Who should visit ?
Guest looking at an off beat, remote , grass root level experience, with only 4 units on offer, across a river confluence location , and indulge in nature activities.
Can I get a bonfire ?
Yes , with prior notice .
Is it an all Vegetarian affair ? Do you serve jain food ?
We do serve non veg in one meal of the day. We cannot be specific to any cuisine as its a remote location . And we are also a camp , keeping in mind some comfort features.
How do I book ?

Booking can be done on our website, with 100 % of booking amount .

Are pets allowed ?
Yes , we are pet friendly. ( minimum 2 units to book.).
What networks are available at the camp ?
AirTel, idea – Vodafone work with limited accessibility. Jio is almost absent.
How do I arrive from Mumbai or Bangalore?
there are direct flights now from MUMBAI to BAREILLY ( U P ) and BENGALURU to BAREILLY. we can give you an airport pick up and get you to our camp. It’s 6 to 7 hour drive from BAREILLY to Pancheshwar. ( 250 kms )


Starting at 8499 ( double occupancy)
per night on twin sharing , all meals and taxes included.

Starting at 6999 ( single occupancy)
Per night , all meals and taxes included.

Extra bed : 2999 ( all meals)

Child age : 4 to 11 years , above 12 years is considered as a full pax .

How do the camps look ?
Its a property situated on the river bank, tents styled in swiss camp feel, with en suite washrooms, and a sit out area.
Total Area of the camp: 10000 sq feet.
Total number of units: 4 ( en suite washrooms)
3 classic tents
Whats the cuisine on offer ?

We have a gazebo for dining activities, no main meals are allowed inside the tents. We have indian, kumaoni, continental, oriental ( all in limited menu and as per available fresh local produce).

What are the meal timings ?
We follow
Breakfast at 8 00 hrs
Lunch at 13 00 hrs
High tea at 17 00 hrs
Dinner at 20 00 hrs.
Is the property children friendly ?
The property is part of a forest reserve and is also on the river banks with boulders. We advice all children to be under parental guidance all the time .
Can I swim ?
Yes only with a life jacket and a river guide under our supervision. The river currents are fast and turbulent.
In case I catch a fish , can I eat it for meals ?

No , we practice only catch and release sport, also the mahseer is an endangered species, protected under schedule 1 of wild life act , 1972 .

Do you have a generator?
We use an inverter.
Do we require to give advance notice for fishing , water rafting activities , and birding ?
Yes ideally 48 hours.
Is the alcoholic beverages available ?
Alcoholic beverages are available in limited choices. We support the local economy , and source it from the local market and local wine shops .
Can I get a barbeque ?
Yes if you book a day prior
How far is Pancheshwar ?
From New Delhi, its about a sunrise to sunset drive. ( 458 Kms ) , about 10 to 12 hours . Drive via ghaziabad gajraula rampur rudrapur tanakpur lohaghat Pancheshwar.
Can we play loud music ?
Please try keeping the peace of the camp and we prefer if you use your headphones, the sounds in speaker should close by 21 00 hrs.
Can I come there , just for a day ?
you can book the property for a minimum of 2 days/ 2 nights only.
Do you have a free wifi ?
Yes but limited speeds . Works well on upload download of small duration videos and other social media apps. Not suitable to watch you tube or live events.
Do you accept cards , upi ?

We can accept UPI over a merchant scan code . Cards don’t work , as internet is Intermittent.

Few Camp Etiquette

  • As the property lies in a check in forest area , we do not solicit post at 21 00 hrs and before 8 00 hrs . As many roads leading to the property may have reserve forest barriers to cross .
  • Please carry the minimum of valuables , as the tents do not have a lock-in key.Fishing is allowed only in the presence of a fishing guide or a fishing girl under camp supervision . Fishing also requires fishing permits, which we should be happy to get for you .
  • The camp is based on eco concepts, so we do not have a generator , and power cuts are frequent . Please do note outside food , alcohol, eatables , and beverages are not allowed on the camp premises .
  • Also, there are army and SSB posts prior to the property. They may ask for a normal check-up of your vehicle and details. Please co-operate with them as it’s an international border routine. So do avoid keeping any alcohol in your car .
  • We support the local economy, so we source the alcohol at a nominal increment , from the local wine shops , of course, with limited choice , and an advance notice will be appreciated.
  • All the furniture at the property is made by local artisans and all the camp has been built using local services in and around Pancheshwar.
  • All staff are from Uttarakhand state only. If you like their services, we would request you to tip the staff generously , as they get limited opportunities in remote areas, and the entire business at Pancheshwar is nature-bound and limited to only 6 months of the year. This helps the youth economy not to move out of the state looking for employment.
  • The camp remains closed in the monsoon , so the entire structure is dismantled and re-built as the monsoon retreats. The dates of camp closure due to the monsoon are from July 1 to September 20 . The camp opens for guests on October 1 . It remains closed for about 90 days.
  • Do note the nearest market is 38 kms from the camp, so almost all our supplies come from a distance . A physician is available within 3 kms of the property .Pancheshwar is a small village town with only 100 families .
  • Music needs to be played only with your personal headphones.
  • The property is on an international border , so please do not carry any satellite phones or drones for photography.
  • Only cell phone photography is allowed.
  • Housekeeping ( linen is changed every 3 days )
  • Laundry service is limited.
  • Ensuite wash rooms , with hand shower and regular temperature water.
  • Warm water will be provided in buckets as per request.
  • Wifi is available in a limited area.
  • Fishing is a only and strictly CATCH AND RELEASE sport .
  • The Himalayan Golden Mahseer is an endangered species currently falling into Schedule 1 of wildlife in 1972 .

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Starting at 8499 ( double occupancy) per night on twin sharing , all meals and taxes included.

Starting at 6999 ( single occupancy) Per night , all meals and taxes included.

Extra bed : 2999 ( all meals)

Child age : 4 to 11 years , above 12 years is considered as a full pax .

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